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Professional Computer Services Since 1995

We Make Our Clients Happy

At SIMCOM, we know how frustrating computer issues can be. We deal with them every day! In fact, we've been dealing with them for over 16 years. We understand how computers, servers and networks work. Let us help make you a happy client too!

Barrie Computer Service

Our local service area is Barrie, Innisfil and Essa. Our on-site coverage is from Toronto to Bracebridge. Our remote service has no boundry! Using our remote service application, it's as if we're sitting in front of your computer. You can be anywhere in the world. And the link between our tech and your computer is secured over a 128-bit encrypted MSRC4 DSM link.

Computer Support Made Easy

Simply click on our "Service Ticket" link and fill out the form. This will automatically add your issue to our queue. Issues are tracked and tickets aren't closed until you are satisifed. Your nagging computer issue could be solved for as little as $21.25! See our rates/fees for details. We accpet VISA, MasterCard, Debit (In shop only) and PayPal.